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    STATX - Enhanced Ultra Short Duration Mutual Fund Details

    Ticker SymbolSTATX
    CEOOfer Abarbanel
    Clearing HouseDTC via FundServ
    Latest Dividend Distribution FrequencyBi-Weekly
    Shareholder Fees (Fees paid directly from your investment)

    Annual Fund Operating Expenses (Expenses that you pay each year as a percentage of the value of your investment)

    1 The Fee Waiver [and/or Expense Reimbursement is expected to continue for one (1) Year until the date April 2nd 2019, the Adviser may, at its sole discretion, modify or terminate this voluntary waiver without notice to the Fund.

    Management Fee = 0.30%

    Other Expenses = 0.36%

    Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses = 0.66%

    Fee Waiver [and/or Expense Reimbursement] 1 = 0.26%

    Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses After Fee Waiver [and/or Expense Reimbursement] = 0.40%

    CUSIP856895 107
    STATX Mutual Fund Total Assets as of 01/25/2019 = $92,207,892.41

    STATX 30 Day SEC Yield
    STATX Mutual Fund 30 Day SEC yield

    STATX Quarterly Performance
    STATX Mutual Fund Performance

    STATX Portfolio Composition
    STATX Portfolio Composition

    STATX Mutual Fund Dividend History (2017-2019)

    Ex-DateDividend paid per each share19A-1 Letters
    5-Mar-2019$0.165Not Required
    8-Feb-2019$0.20Not Required
    25-Jan-2019$0.15Not Required
    11-Jan-2019$0.14Not Required
    31-Dec-2018$0.19Not Required
    14-Dec-2018$0.16Not Required
    30-Nov-2018$0.16Not Required
    16-Nov-2018$0.16Not Required
    2-Nov-2018$0.15Not Required
    19-Oct-2018$0.16Not Required
    5-Oct-2018$0.15Not Required
    21-Sep-2018$0.14Not Required
    7-Sep-2018$0.14Not Required
    24-Aug-2018$0.15Not Required
    10-Aug-2018$0.14Not Required
    27-Jul-2018$0.13Not Required
    13-Jul-2018$0.12Not Required
    29-Jun-2018$0.17Not Required
    15-Jun-2018$0.14Not Required
    1-Jun-2018$0.15Not Required
    18-May-2018$0.13Not Required
    4-May-2018$0.12Not Required
    20-Apr-2018$0.13Not Required
    5-Apr-2018$0.14Not Required
    23-Mar-2018$0.12Not Required
    9-Mar-2018$0.11Not Required
    23-Feb-2018$0.11Not Required
    9-Feb-2018$0.11Not Required
    26-Jan-2018$0.12Not Required
    12-Jan-2018$0.10Not Required
    29-Dec-2017$0.12Not Required
    15-Dec-2017$0.11Not Required
    1-Dec-2017$0.11Not Required
    16-Nov-2017$0.12Not Required
    2-Nov-2017$0.13Not Required
    19-Oct-2017$0.1319A-1 Letter
    5-Oct-2017$0.1219A-1 Letter
    22-Sep-2017$0.1219A-1 Letter
    7-Sep-2017$0.1219A-1 Letter
    24-Aug-2017$0.1119A-1 Letter
    10-Aug-2017$0.1019A-1 Letter
    27-Jul-2017$0.1219A-1 Letter
    13-Jul-2017$0.1119A-1 Letter
    28-Jun-2017$0.1119A-1 Letter
    15-Jun-2017$0.1119A-1 Letter
    1-Jun-2017$0.1719A-1 Letter
    18-May-2017$0.1619A-1 Letter
    3-May-2017$0.1019A-1 Letter